Father Tabor

Tut tut!

Father Tabor is the halfling devotee of the benign and goodly agricultural goddess Merikka, but don’t let the domestic nature of his deity mislead you into thinking it’s all calends and votives for chickens, cows, and vegetable gardens. Father Tabor is a serious-minded adventurer, solver of crimes, and investigator of mysteries.

tabor's garden

Follow the ongoing adventures of Father Tabor, priest of the goddess Merikka on his latest investigations in the World of Greyhawk. Join the team with his professional investigators Myron the Hideous and Big Rhenee Bruin as they work together to solve mysteries and thwart the bad guys.

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Coming soon, a brand new Father Tabor tale set in the Dim Forest. Check back at Greyhawkstories for the forthcoming novel Under the Goblin Trees.