The Stories

Don’t be a fonkin! Follow this blog for regular posts of quality Greyhawk fiction and adaptations. Greyhawkstories publishes original Greyhawk fan-fiction, Flanaess lore,  tales from magazines and journals like Dragon Magazine, Dungeon, Oerth Journal, excerpts from longer works like Gord the Rogue, episodes from Living Greyhawk, and narrative retellings of adventures set in the world of Greyhawk. Here’s an overview of what I have collected so far.

Stories by Thomas Kelly

Greyhawk Novels

Beginning with Gary Gygax’s Gord the Rogue series, several novels are set in the World of Greyhawk. Not all of that material should be considered strictly canonical for the history of the world, but all of it is entertaining. Click here for a list of Greyhawk novels.

The Greyhawk Wars

War! The flood gates of evil have opened, and the dark armies of Iuz have poured forth. The Great Kingdom totters and collapses under the weight of its own corruption. A new menace rises in the Pomarj, and giants descend from the Crystalmist Mountains. Click here for stories of battles in the World of Greyhawk including the The Official History of the Greyhawk Wars.

Canonfire Classics

Kurt Wackford’s Knights of the Hart details the formation of the famous tripartite order of chivalry and includes an in-depth look at the war with Iggwilv, Witch Queen of Perenland.

Living Greyhawk

The Living Greyhawk campaigns spawned an enormous amount of creativity. If you have tales from the Living Greyhawk Era which should be told or have access to resources containing narrative elements from those campaigns, let us know. This section is just getting started.

Tales from the Green Dragon

Tales from the Green Dragon includes fiction and short narrative backgrounds originally published in Oerth Journal. Click here to read the stories.

Dungeon and Dragon Magazine

Stories set in the World of Greyhawk were published in Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine. These stories remain under copyright, but we can provide summaries, pertinent information, or at least web-links for those who want to find the story. If you know of a Greyhawk story that appeared in print in one of those magazines, let me know. Click here to see a list of Greyhawk short-fiction that appeared in periodicals.

Rogues Gallery

The world of Greyhawk is home to a host of famous Non Player Characters, both heroes and villains. Fiction about Greyhawk’s famous NPCs and excerpts from larger works that offer them description and color can be collated here. If you have tale that should be included, let me know. Click here to visit the growing Rogues Gallery.

Fan Fiction

The World of Greyhawk inspires creative writing. Send me yours and, if it’s worthy, I’ll post it here.

  • Castle Greyhawk. A graphic novel adaptation of a novella by Scott Casper illustrated by Mike Bridges, Castle Greyhawk is based on the adventures of many famous D&D characters from Gary Gygax’s original home campaign. Come see the likes of Tenser, Robilar, Terik, Yrag, Mordenkainen, and Ehlissa, as they plumb the depths of the famous dungeon or get into trouble on the streets of Greyhawk itself! Click here to read from the beginning.
  • World of Greyhawk Comic. For over five years, Mike Bridges published the weekly World of Greyhawk Comic, a satirical webcomic about the World of Greyhawk’s famous demi-gods, deities and other entities. Nothing is sacred to these higher powers. Watch them tear apart Greyhawk canon, anachronistically cross editions of D&D and even lead soap opera lives like common mortals. Click here to read from the beginning.
  • It Started in Saltmarsh. Rumors about the Ghosts of Saltmarsh have kept the locals away from the evil alchemist’s abandoned mansion, but one group of misfit adventurers is determined to reveal its sinister secret. Read Kirt Wackford’s campaign adaptation, edited by Thomas Kelly, of this classic 1E Greyhawk module. Click here to read It Started in Saltmarsh.
  • The Company of the Silver Wolf originally developed online at Canonfire! as Jared “CruelSummerLord” Milne chronicled the adventures and developed the stories of his campaigns across the Flanaess. Now you can read all four books in the Silver Wolf series here.
  • Leomund at the Edge of Forever offers a tribute to Len Lakofka on the occasion of his passing.
  • Two decades ago, the prolific Jason Zavoda posted a series of Greyhawk novels on the Greytalk List Server. Visit his blog to read The Bow of Haladan, The Light of Pelor’s Keep, Nosnra’s Saga, Minstrel Tales and Songs, and An Unsung Death In Geoff.