Rogues Gallery

The World of Greyhawk is home to some of the most famous names in Dungeons and Dragons. Here’s where we will collect background stories behind the great heroes and the great villains of the Flanaess.

Baba Yaga

baba-yaga-e1565553665709.jpgShe’s the grandmother of Iuz and might now be the only one left who can hold him in check. The old crone Baba Yaga has traveled the Flanaess via her flying pestle and mortar, and the lore of every land has tells some tale of the old witch and her dancing hut. Get a peek inside the world of Baba Yaga in the saga Iggwilv: Mother of Witches.

Daoud of Tusmit

Daoud Close UpNot only is Daoud of Tusmit a one-time pasha of that land and the creator of the legendary lanthorn that bears his name, he is also an ascended mortal, that is to say, a demi-god with his own devoted sect of followers. Get the whole story of Daoud as told in the folk tales of Tusmit and Ket in Daoud’s Wondrous Lanthorn (and Other Tales).

Count Dahlvier

Count DahlvierBefore this necromancer became the fearsome undead master of Castle Dahlvier and head of the hexad of liches, he suffered through a brief and catastrophic marriage to Louhi the witch. Get the backstory on Castle Dahlvier and the relationship between the count and Lerrek in the story Bride of Count Dahlvier.

Iggwilv: Mother of Witches

NatashaShe’s called the “mother of witches,” but she’s also the mother of Iuz and the consort of Graz’zt. Few characters have been the cause of so much woe or left such a scar across the history of the Flanaess. Now get the story of Iggwilv: Mother of Witches as  told in the folk tales of Ket, Bissel, and Perrenland.


LerrekPerhaps the most famous lich of the Flanaess after Vecna, the fearsome Lerrek lurks in twin gargoylian towers within the the great Vesve. But before he undertook the ceremony, he adventured with the Blood-Seeker mercenaries and briefly became the consort of Iggwilv, mother of Witches. Could Lerrek be the father of the vampiress Delzna? Find out in the story of Iggwilv: Mother of Witches.

Turrosh Mak

turrosh-mak.jpgHis Most Ferocious Majesty, the Despot Turrosh Mak, Lord over the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj took control of the scattered humanoid tribes of the Pomarj Peninsula and, during the Greyhawk Wars, forged “an empire where none had stood.” Now get the story of the making of Turrosh Mak, Oerth’s most powerful half-orc.

Peralay of Celene

ParaleyOriginally a TSR action figure and NPC featured in The Shady Dragon Inn, Peralay of Celene is a hero of The Hateful Wars and wielder the dwarven blade Gnoll-Cleaver. He has often traveled in the company of Melf Brightflame and is among the best-loved heroes of the Perfect Flower Queen Yolanda. He makes his first appearance on Greyhawkstories at The Dragon’s Rest in Verbobonc.

Zagig Yragerne

Zagyg01There is no end to the number of tales that might be told about the illustrious Mad Arch-Mage, former mayor of Greyhawk City, and builder of Castle Greyhawk. Though he now enjoys his divine status as a minor deity of magic in the employ of Boccob, he was once an adventurer, and the founder of the Company of Seven (a precursor to the Circle of Eight). He also tutored his paramour/apprentice Iggwilv in the art of summoning and launched her infamous career: Read Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.