The Hateful Wars


The Hateful Wars (498-510 CY), also called “The Purge” by the mountain dwarves and “The Catastrophe” by the denizens of the Pomarj, refers to more than a decade of fierce battles in the valleys, narrow passes, tunnels, mines, and citadels of the Lortmil Mountain Range. The Hateful Wars involved an unlikely alliance between all three Ulek states, the elven kingdom of Celene, the dwarves and gnomes of the Lortmil Mountains, the Archclericy of Veluna, and the gnomes of the Kron Hills.[i] These strange allies labored together for a dozen years to completely cull the Lortmil Mountains of their many indigenous tribes of kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls, flind, orcs, and ogres.[ii] The origins of the wars reach back more than eight centuries, even back to the dwarves’ first arrival in the Lortmil Mountains, and repercussions of those wars continue to wrack the central Flanaess to this day. Tales of the Hateful Wars are still told by those who remember the events: the dwarves, the gnomes, and the elves. Rarely do their accounts agree on the details, but all admit that the course of events was closely bound with the house of Corond and the daughter of the Prince Olinstaad of Ulek, Kristryd Olinsdotter. The Saga of Kristryd Olinsdotter is still performed at the Bardic Circle Guild Hall in Gyrax every summer at the annual Richfest festival.[iii]

Prelude: Something Wicked

Chapter One: Ehlonna’s Blessing

Chapter Two: The Wedding of Kristryd Olinsdotter

Chapter Three: Ways Fraught with Peril

Chapter Four: Early Allies

Chapter Five: The Stolen Anvil

Chapter Six: Her Fey Majesty

Chapter Seven: The Fey Mysteries

Chapter Eight: Druid’s Defile

Chapter Nine: The Lay of Larethian

Chapter Ten: The Queen’s Wrath

Chapter Eleven: Declarations, Councils, and War

Chapter Twelve: The Suel Spell

Chapter Thirteen: The Drawing of the Veil

Chapter Fourteen: A Voice in the Dark

Chapter Fifteen: Way of Tears

Chapter Sixteen: Head of the Medusa

Chapter Seventeen: The Stirges’ Nest

Chapter Eighteen: Moonarch of Sehanine

Chapter Nineteen: Under the Moonarch

Chapter Twenty: Spells & Stratagems

Chapter Twenty-One: The Ignoble Act

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Halfblood Prophecy

Chapter Twenty-Three: Among the Tested

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