Daoud’s Wondrous Lanthorn

Daoud’s Wondrous Lanthorn was discovered among the treasures of Iggwilv in the Lost caverns of Tsojcanth, but who was Daoud, how did he come by the artifact, and how did it end up in Iggwilv’s hands? The epic story of the creator of one of the Flanaess’ most famous magical items takes you on a magic carpet ride through the inner planes and deep into the lore of the exiled Pasha of Tusmit.

Chapter One of Daoud’s Wondrous Lanthorn (and Other Tales), “Under the Pavilion of Hasnat” brings us to the Twin Paradises where Daoud entertains the goddess of music and stories with his own series of tales.

Chapter Two, “Mehmet and the Baklunish Seal of Power” tells the story of Daoud’s great-grandfather Mehmet the Paynim warlord and how he obtained the magical ring of genie control and became the pasha of Tusmit.

Chapter Three, “The Hidden Temple of Pharol Al-Sammal” follows the story of Daoud’s early apprenticeship in magic under the venerable sorcerer Pharol Al-Sammal and how he obtained the Scroll of Splendid Spells.

Chapter Four, “Alhazred and the Path of Shadows” brings Daoud to the tombs of the wild city of Ulakand where he must face his fears and survive the madness of Alhazred, master of ghouls, in order to speak with his departed father Sulymon.

Chapter Five, “Escape from the City of Brass” follows Daoud to the world of fire to learn the ways of the Efreet, but the Tusmitite sage is captured and enslaved in the house of Najat Shams. Will he ever find his way home?

Chapter Six, “The Court of Ice and Steel” relates how Daoud crossed into the world of air on a magical carpet before being netted out of the air by the crew of a ship en route to the capital city of the djinni sultan.

Chapter Seven, “The Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls” tells the harrowing story of Daoud’s heroic rescue of six aquatic elf maids and his subsequent unfortunate marriage to all six of them.

Chapter Eight, “The Sevenfold Mazework” finds Daoud imprisoned on the Elemental Plane of Earth where he is befriended by Grimmly the dwarf. Together they plot a daring escape with the help of an avaricious gem-eating dao.

Chapter Nine, “The Making of the Wondrous Lanthorn” moves the timeline forward to Grimmly’s return to the table of Hasnat where he takes up the narrative and describes the fashioning of the famous artifact.