The Making of Turrosh Mak

His Most Ferocious Majesty, the Despot Turrosh Mak, Lord over the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj took control of the scattered humanoid tribes of the Pomarj Peninsula and, during the Greyhawk Wars, forged “an empire where none had stood.” But did you know that he is also an alumni of the Grey College in Greyhawk City and a hero of the Shield Lands?

Turrosh Mak is a complex villain with lofty aspirations for the advancement of humanoids in the Flanaess, and he has a vision that is changing the world. Get to know the man behind the Mak. This is the story of the making of Oerth’s most powerful half-orc. A great piece of Greyhawk fiction by Jeff Mckillop preserved in the greytalkarchives (used with permission). Click here to download the pdf  the rise of turrosh mak

Artwork: Roman Tishenin:

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