Intro to Greyhawk Stories

Don’t be a fonkin! Follow this blog.

I’m serving up fresh Greyhawk fiction on a regular basis, and creating a portal into the world of Flanaess Lore.

Not only is the World of Greyhawk the original campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, it’s also the setting for fantasy fiction like Gary Gygax’s Gord the Rogue series and Wizards of the Coast’s paperback adaptations of classic Dungeons & Dragons modules such as Paul Kidd’s novels about the Justicar and Escalla.

Greyhawk is a big, sprawling world, and it’s full of stories, just waiting to be told.

Greyhawkstories is a place where Dungeons and Dragons fans can find Greyhawk fiction, sort through canon, collect pieces of lore, get their own creative contributions posted, and flesh out the Flanaess with swashbuckling tales, stories of adventure, and legends. Read our constantly growing collection of “The Stories” here.


You probably have a story or two to tell yourself. It might be a piece of original fiction, an adaptation of your most recent campaign, or a creative telling of a classic piece of Greyhawk history. Whatever your story is, tell it to Greyhawkstories and, if it’s worthy, I’ll post it here for others to enjoy too.

greenfairybook00langiala_0101Follow this blog for pieces of Greyhawk lore from epic quests through the Flanaess, narrative adaptations of adventure modules, excerpts from published Greyhawk fiction, irrelevant discussions about canonicity, and inspiring pieces from great sagas like the fall of the Great Kingdom, the Greyhawk Wars, and the Liberation Geoff. Meet the heroes and villains of Greyhawk, both the famous and the obscure, and travel a world populated by imagination.

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