Under the Goblin Trees

A campaign adaptation set in the World of Greyhawk

by Thomas Kelly

“Far to the west, at the center of the forest, grows a copse of towering deklo trees. Beneath the roots of those massive giants the goblin clans have dug their dens and made their lairs,” Ivan explained.

Under the boughs of the Dim Forest, a new goblin lord exercises dominion. Father Tabor and his companions must find their way through the shadowy wood to reverse a sinister curse afflicting the villages on the forest’s edge and stop a war. This campaign adaptation is a homespun sequel to N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God. New installments to be posted every week or so.

Chapter One: Errand in Hookhill

Chapter Two: Horse Thieves

Chapter Three: Bad Wolf Moon

Chapter Four: Wolfsbane

Chapter Five: Chops of the Beast

Chapter Six: The Dryad

Chapter Seven: Witch Tree Tower

Chapter Eight: A Battle before Breakfast

Chapter Seven coming soon.