The Liberation of Geoff

Eight years after the Greyhawk Wars…

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Geoff! We have almost no country to call our own. Giants and their goblin armies swept through our land eight years ago, driving us from our homes. Our government remains in exile, our people live as refugees, our allies have failed us, and our ancestral lands are still trodden under giants’ feet. Now is the time for heroes to rise up. Today begins the liberation of Geoff!

This page is under construction. Lots more to come.

Recent History

Part One: The Fall of Geoff

Relating the appearance of the Green Man at the Brewfest celebration in Gorna Town, the mustering of the giants and their invasion, the Battle of Pest’s Crossing, the fall of Gorna, the last stand at South Gate, the the flight of the refugees, and the abandonment of Hochoch.

Part Two: Refugees of Geoff

Relating the first miserable years after the giant invasion and how the refugees of Geoff found shelter in the lands of Grand March and Keoland. Also, those first missions back into the occupied lands, and the tale of the quarreling of the elven kinfolk.

Part Three: The Battle for Hochoch

The tale of new hope for the refugees of Geoff as the army of Gran March advances through the Rushmoor Marshes to liberate Hochoch from the giants and how the rangers of Geoff turned back a column of giantish reinforcements.

Part Four: The Game of Princes

Relating the political turmoil and intrigues for possession of Hochoch, how the Gran March created a provisional government and made moves to annex the city and the liberated lands, how the refugees of nobles of Geoff protested.

Part Five: The War of Liberation

Coming soon to

Living Greyhawk

Living Greyhawk Adventures

The LG modules for the Geoff region are locked under complex copyrights and cannot be legally posted, but adventure summaries , campaign notes, and adaptations are fair game.

GEO1-01 Runaway

GEO1-02 Cat and Mouse

GEO1-03a The Gifts of the Fey (part one): The Fey Woods

GEO1-03b The Gifts of the Fey (part two): The Caves of Twilight Resplendent

GEO1-04 The Gonfalon of Gyruff

GEO1-05 A Little Bit of Wood

GEO1-05b The Giant Slayers Pt 1: Finding Flerd

GEO1-05c The Giant Slayers Pt 2: Fonkin, Flerd, Faffle, Frush, Roaky, Gleep, Redmod, Beek, and Cloyer Too

The Geoff Region Flyer


A two page flyer introducing the Living Greyhawk Geoff campaign and inviting players to participate. A great overview of recent history and info about the Flan in Geoff.

Geoff Metagaming Source Book


Version 21 of the Living Greyhawk Metagaming Sourcebook for the region of Geoff. It’s a 115-page PDF with a lot of detail, special rules, metagroups, etc.

Geography of Geoff


A collection of maps and geographic notes from the Living Greyhawk Geoff materials tossed together into one PDF, including maps of Hochoch and Preston.

Army of Liberation


You’re in the army now! Here’s an 11-page PDF “Grand Duchy of Geoff ARMY OF LIBERATION MANUAL.”

Geoff Teaching Rhymes and Folk Wisdom


A four-page pdf with traditional rhymes and proverbs of Gyruff people. No kidding.

Rangers of Geoff


A guide to ranger archetypes for Geoff and a ranger hand signals. Because if you’re going to play Geoff, you need rangers.

Order of the Midnight Ravens


Rogues, thieves, knaves, spies, scouts, and expert burglars of Geoff are advised to join the Order of the Midnight Ravens.

The Grand History of Gyruff


A seven-page pdf download of a timeline title “The Grand History of Gyruff,” originally created for inclusion in the Gyruff Gazetteer. Tells the story of the Geoff from before the migrations up to CY 595.

Music and Songs of Geoff


For real. This 12-page pdf has a collection of patriotic and nationalistic songs and anthems for the Patriots of Geoff. How about a rousing version of “The March of the Gyruff.”

Persons of Note


A 19-page pdf who’s-who of the land of Geoff with lots of potential for NPC development and narrative.

Rulers and Nobility of Geoff


“The Griffon Chair is a three-legged stool.” Here’s an explanation of nobility and governance in the land of Geoff.

This not-for-profit fan-page is under construction as a tribute and an archive for the epic Living Greyhawk materials from the Geoff Region. See our legal disclaimers. We cannot post the modules, so don’t even bother asking about them, but the backgrounds, metaorg, and metagaming content is extensive and a well-written treasure trove of Greyhawk Stories. More to be added in the future. (If you are the creator of any materials or files hosted here and object to their public dissemination, contact us directly.)