It Started in Saltmarsh

U1 SecretThe Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Rumors about the Ghosts of Saltmarsh have kept the locals away from the evil alchemist’s abandoned mansion, but one group of misfit adventurers is determined to reveal its sinister secret.

Join the adventure with Kirt Wackford’s campaign adaptation of this classic 1st Edition Greyhawk module.

Now available in full-length PDF format for download and easy reading: It Started in Saltmarsh


Table of Contents

Chapter One: Dirty dwarf, disgraced paladin, half-orc fugitive

Chapter Two: Naïve scholar, moody elf, and scallywag halfling

Chapter Three: Arrival in Saltmarsh

Chapter Four: In Search of Adventure

Chapter Five: The Haunted House of Saltmarsh

Chapter Six: Sanballat’s Trap

Chapter Seven: The Escape of Master Murphey

Chapter Eight: Sanballet’s Refrain

Chapter Nine: The Stoutly Salter

Chapter Ten: Taking Care of Business

Chapter Eleven: Swimming Lessons

Chapter Twelve: Battle for the Sea Ghost

Chapter Thirteen: The Ghost at Salt Marsh

Used with permission. Adapted for from the original article posted to Canonfire!