Greyhawk Novels

Gord the Rogue

  • Saga of Old City (SC 1985, HC 2008), by Gary Gygax.
  • Artifact of Evil (March 1986), by Gary Gygax.
  • Sea of Death (July 1987), by Gary Gygax.
  • Night Arrant (September 1987), by Gary Gygax.
  • City of Hawks (November 1987), by Gary Gygax.
  • Come Endless Darkness (March 1988), by Gary Gygax.
  • Dance of Demons (November 1988), by Gary Gygax.

Master Wolf Series

Note: The Rose Estes Series is generally considered non-canonical and just downright bad. See the Master Wolf Hate Page.
  • Master Wolf (GA Vol. 3, 1987), by Rose Estes.
  • The Price of Power (GA Vol. 4, 1987), by Rose Estes.
  • The Name of the Game (GA Vol. 5, 1988), by Rose Estes
  • The Demon Hand (GA Vol. 6, 1988), by Rose Estes.
  • The Eyes Have It (1989), by Rose Estes.


Classics Series

  • Against the Giants (July 1999), by Ru Emerson.
  • White Plume Mountain (October 1999), by Paul Kidd.
  • Descent into the Depths of the Earth (June 2000), by Paul Kidd.
  • Queen of the Demonweb Pits (October 2001), by Paul Kidd.
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (unpublished November 2000) by Roland Green
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil (May 2001), by Thomas M Reid.
  • Keep on the Borderlands (November 2001), by Ru Emerson.
  • The Tomb of Horrors (February 2002), by Keith Francis Strohm.

Endless Quest Books