Knights of the Hart

Demons fear them; fiends flee from before them. Adventure with the noble order of Knights of the Hart for the defense of the free peoples of Veluna, Highfolk, and Furyundy. Here’s the story of the origin of those doughty defenders and heroes of the Marklands, the chivalrous and truehearted Knights of the Hart. The tripartite Knights of the Hart stand for the common good of the three nations they represent, Furyundy, Veluna, and Highfolk. Read Kirt Wackford’s important political history of the Order of the Hart.

By necessity, the story also relates the tale of Iggwilv’s conquest of Perrenland, her fall from power, and the rise of Iuz, principle concerns of the brave cavaliers. No matter to which order a member belongs, all are sworn to defend the others and the lands of all three nations at a moment’s notice. Veluna, and Highfolk.

Originally published on Canonfire! in 2002, Kirt Wackford’s “Brief History of the Knights of the Hart” has been freshly edited and revised by the author.

Part One: Knights of the Hart

Part Two: The High Forest Branch

Part Three: Witch Queen and Demon Lord