Tales from the Green Dragon

Tales from the Green Dragon was an occasional department of Oerth Journal featuring Greyhawk fiction. It included short fiction and adventure recaps, some reaching back to the earliest days of D&D. This page collects several examples as they originally appeared in the journal.green dragon inn

Robilar Remembers: Erac’s Cousin

Not really a proper piece of fiction writing, Erac’s Cousin this is a brief recap of an adventure from the “original” Greyhawk campaign, as conducted by E. Gary Gygax and Robert J. Kuntz. Oerth Journal 5:24. Click here to download as a PDF: robilar remembers_erac’s cousin

Robilar Remembers: Journey to the City of the Gods

Join Mordenkainen and Robilar on the Journey to the City of the Gods, a quirky genre-bender crossing sci-fi with D&D reminiscent of the module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Based on a Blackmoor Adventure undertaken by E. Gary Gygax as “Mordenkainen” and Robert Kuntz as “Robilar.” Originally published in Oerth Journal 6:44-52. Click here to download as a PDF robilar remembers_journey to the city of the gods

Robilar Remembered: Lord Robilar & Co.

RobilarGet the background on Lord Robilar, Master of Dragons and secret owner of Greyhawk’s Green Dragon Inn. This piece by Robert J. Kuntz and Douglas J. Behringer sketches the history Robilar and his adventuring companions and also offers the alternate history in which an evil-clone of Robilar’s is responsible for the plot with Rary to murder of the Circle of Eight. Originally published in Oerth Journal 7:41-44. Click here to download as a PDF robilar remembered_lord robilar and company

Leomund’s Life

leomundLenard Lakofka’s story of the adventures of his original character from campaigns played in the early 70s with Gary Gygax. Get the story behind the maker of the Tiny Hut spell. Originally published in Oerth Journal 10:78-85. Click here to download as a PDF leomund’s life

Wintershiven: A Traveler’s Memoir

Isaak “The Pale” Haywood provides a travelogue of a visit to the Wintershiven, the capital of the the theocracy of The Pale. Not a story proper, but a well-told traveller’s memoir. Originally published in Oerth Journal 12:16-18. Click here to download as a PDF wintershiven a traveler’s memoir

Lerrek’s Tale

ringoffivelichHere’s the chilling backstory of Iggivil’s one-time consort Lerrek and his rise to power. Iuz isn’t the only dark lord at work in the Flanaess. A story by Andy Seale originally published in Oerth Journal 13:13-15. Click here to download as a PDF lerrek’s tale

The Paganhammer

PaganhammerIt’s just another day on the job with Reifus and the Church Militant in this faceoff with a demon. Here’s a background story for the Cardinal-Commander of the Church Militant of the Church of the One True Path, originally published in Oerth Journal 14:18-20. Click here to download as a PDF the paganhammer

Legends and Folklore of the Vesve Forest

There’s some fertile ground for adventures in these three short tales from the Vesve Forest: The Lost Dwur of the Forest, Heironeous’ Hidden Chappel, and Urok-harn: City of the Bloody Hands of One-Eye. By Andrew Seale and originally published in Oerth Journal 15:8-10. Click here to download as a PDF legends and folklore of the vesve forest

The Temple of Elemental Evil from the Rise of Iuz to His Release

Elemental EvilStylianos Scarlatos and Scott Casper fill in the disjointed background behind the iconic Temple of Elemental Evil and its connections with Iuz. Originally published in Oerth Journal 16:76-79. Click here to download as a PDF the temple of elemental evil from the rise of iuz to his release


Vengeance – A Greyhawk Story

Sarina the Pirate QueenTony “VorpalDM” Milani offers up a story about a Rhennee woman who is the captain of a ship. She’s seen love, death, and a lot of the Flanaess alongside her intrepid crew, and your character probably does not want to get involved. To read “Vengeance,” download Oerth Journal 29:15-17 here.


The Castle – Terror of Spinecastle

Spinecastle01David Leonard takes us to a critical moment in the history of the famous castle of Bone March. Here’s the story of a lone Valiant of the Knight Protectors on the eve of destruction. It’s a well-written and worthy tale of terror and heroism. To read “The Castle,” download the new issue of Oerth Journal 31:28-32 here.


Espionage at the Royal Opera House

AestrellaKelli “TheOperaGeek” Butler tells the story of Adina, an opera house diva of the Free City who is secretly involved in cloak-and-dagger espionage to reveal a plot of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Who is the mysterious Aestrella Shanfarel to whom she reports? Read the story, “Espionage at the Royal Opera House” by downloading the new issue of Oerth Journal 31:34-36 here.


A Decidedly Disastrous Day

Barrier Peaks AlienDavid Leonard takes us on an earlier expedition to the Barrier Peaks for more genre-bending fun with flying saucers and an origin story behind Oerth’s moons Luna and Celene. To read “A Decidedly Disastrous Day,” download the new issue of Oerth Journal 32:21-25 here.

A Fist Full of Baubles

“A Fist Full of Baubles” is David Leonard’s first installment in the legendary expedition of Hardji Beartooth’s quest for the lost city of Skrellingshald, a tale you might remember as one of the more memorable pieces from Jim Ward’s Greyhawk Adventures.  To read part one of “A Fistfull of Baubles,” download  Oerth Journal 34 here.

Exploring the Dry Steppes

John Burchfield’s “Exploring the Dry Steppes” is framed as an excerpt from an explorer-adventurer’s travel journal. In the highly-entertaining first-person narrative, the author of the journal recounts tracking the Steppe Hunter giant spider when encountering another far more dangerous bug: the J’hol. Download Oerth Journal 34 here.