Here’s another homemade Greyhawk module by James Richmond. The adventure begins in the Vesve Forest around the area of Quaalsten. The characters have just defeated the Lich Lerrek and obtained the Cup and Talisman of Al’Akbar. They have brought the relics to Oaklock Gilderlief, an elven Bladesinger, in order to cure the disease that has befallen the good people of the Vesve forest.

Download the PDF here: Delvenbrass

One thought on “Delvenbrass

  1. I was trying to look up info on Delven Brass Ruins to see what was produced for that area by TSR. I was surprised to stumble across this and thought it might have been an official supplement.
    I recall my DM being quite miffed about news that Delven Brass was said to get official content added to it during the time of the Iuz The Evil campaign. He had developed the area himself under the guidnace of TSR stating that they would not ever produce content for Delven Brass and a list of other locales, in order to not conflict with content produced by TSR. I still have no idea if they produced content for Delven Brass, but it shot me back over a score of years seeing somebody doing anything with the area.
    I only briefly looked it over, it seems like a decent rough outline. It makes me want to look over the rest he wrote for this trilogy.


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