Companions of the Silver Wolf is a place for collecting stories set in the World of Greyhawk. For two decades, readers at Canonfire! have been treated to the tales of “The Companions of the Silver Wolf,” an adventuring party in the best tradition of the Flanaess. Now the author of those stories, Jared “CruelSummerLord” Milne, has collected his work into a trilogy available on Greyhawkstories. It’s not just fan-fiction, it’s fun fan-fiction.

Read all three at


The Silver Wolf Book 1

A Light in the Darkness


The seven companions came from many different backgrounds and bore many different burdens. But together they became the Company of the Silver Wolf, striving for hope in a world all too grim…


The Silver Wolf Book 2

Ghosts of the Past



When the Company of the Silver Wolf replies to a plea for help against a pack of marauding trolls, the battle leads them to confront a decades-old betrayal, unforgiven trauma and a wicked plot that threatens the fate of a gnomish homeland…


The Silver Wolf Book 3

For Crown and Country


Seeking the Crown of Arumdina, the Company of the Silver Wolf travels to the Great Kingdom of Aerdy’s South Province. They find not only the Crown, but a deadly plot that threatens to engulf the southeastern Flanaess in the fires of war…

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