Summer’s Passing


Summer’s Passing (Campaign Notes-SPOILERS by Lyle C Brown)

Based on Living Greyhawk module GEO2-06 by Eric Menge and Diane Hazlett

An IC report to the Midnight Ravens by Hodkin Surefoot:

While recuperating from our most recent adventure, my companion Foruk and I were “requested” to assist the Druids’ Circle with a dilemma. It seems the Circle was in need of a new Archdruid. Apparently they had selected Gwenllian, sister to our dear Brennin, for this position. There was just one problem, Gwenllian was in the Fey Lands as a personal “long term” er … ”guest” of the Seelie Fey King. As such, she was at the least unaware of her new destiny. Additionally, while she may decide she would like to embark on this new career, it seemed highly unlikely that her host would allow her to leave.

This is where Foruk and I come in. Along with four other intrepid adventurers, the Circle solicited our assistance in retrieving Gwenllian from the lands of Faerie.

Remembering my last foray into that strange realm, I was reluctant to proceed, but considering we were dealing with the Brennin’s sister here, our stalwart band continued.

Initially, all seemed to be going well. We arrived in the Fey Lands just in time for a festival being held by the Seelie Court. As such, we were required to attend in costume, although whatever costume we desired was provided in a very Fey manner.

As suspected, the Fey King was much less than interested in releasing Gwenllian, even after we relayed to him the recent events and our purpose in coming. While the druids had given us several gifts to exchange for Gwenllian’s release, the Fey King had no interest in any of them.

Believing our mission a failure, we decided the best thing to do was to enjoy the festival, since it was unlikely we would be given the gift of passage to leave before it was over. During said festival, several members of the Seelie court offered some suggestions for the next steps to pursue in attempting to secure Gwenllian’s release. Eventually, we learned that the one thing the Seelie King feared most was his own death. We also learned where we could locate his death, although obtaining it would be quite difficult.

Needless to say, we proceeded in search of the Fey King’s death, during which, we once again encountered our sworn enemy of the Fey lands, Gaunt, of the Unseelie Court. True to his word from our last encounter, Gaunt was seeking revenge upon the members of our party. While Foruk and I had defeated him once before, without any of the other four members of our current party, coincidently, all four of them had also defeated Gaunt in a prior encounter, likewise earning his desire for vengeance!

True to his word, Gaunt presented our party with several extremely dangerous tasks. While the consequences of failure for each task was dangerous in the extreme, the tasks themselves were primarily of a mental nature, and this humble member of the organization proved more than up to the task.

Thus, our group was able to defeat Gaunt once again, although for a time it appeared my companion Foruk was quite taken with Gaunt himself, an unfortunate incident which lost Foruk an extremely fine dagger he had acquired in a previous adventure.

Returning from our encounters with Gaunt, the group was able to threaten the Fey King with his own death, which convinced him of the wisdom of releasing Gwenllian to her new duties. Our intent was to give the king his death after we left the Fey lands, as we felt certain he would never allow us to leave otherwise. The king provided us an escort from the Fey Lands. To our surprise and dismay, upon leaving the Fey Lands, the king’s death exploded, taking the king with it. It seems the Unseelie Court of the Fey Lands now have a new king.

Enclosed please find 117 GP, the organization’s take from this strange journey.

Humbly submitted,
Hodkin Surefoot, Knave, Freelance Locksmith, twice escapee from the former Duchy of Tenh, and Dragonslayer

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